Villa v West Brom: Albrighton wants Villa Park "bouncing" for derby
Marc Albrighton on Baggies encounter.
28th Sep 2012
Villa v West Brom: Albrighton wants Villa Park "bouncing" for derby

By Paul Brown

Marc Albrighton wants to see Villa Park "bouncing" for the big derby clash with West Brom on Sunday.

Albrighton says it was an amazing experience to be in the crowd for the Swansea win two weeks ago, with the atmosphere incredible throughout the 2-0 win.

Villa's wing wonder wants more of the same for the Baggies encounter this weekend.

He thinks a positive playing environment can inspire the team on to even better levels of performance.

He said: "I love Villa Park when it's bouncing.

"It was great for the Swansea match. I hadn't seen that sort of atmosphere for a long time.

"Probably the last time was when we beat Blackburn 6-4 in the semi-final of the Carling Cup a few years ago.

"When Villa Park is like that and the lads are on form and working hard it just makes it a great place to be.

"There's no doubt about it, we've got a good squad, the stadium's great, everything about it is fantastic, so when it's rocking like that, that's how it should be.

"You can feel it, it gives you the urge to go and press again. You'll close someone down and the crowd will lift you up, and then you'll close somebody else down.

"It gives you that extra incentive. I lost my voice at that last match against Swansea because the atmosphere was fantastic. I can't wait to play there when it's like that."

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