Ryder Cup challenge: Lichaj and Guzan take on the Belfry's 10th
Golf feature on AVTV.
27th Sep 2012
Ryder Cup challenge: Lichaj and Guzan take on the Belfry's 10th

Eric Lichaj hailed Brad Guzan as a golfing ace after the pair won a Ryder Cup-style challenge at the Belfry this week.

Lichaj and Guzan challenged media pair Brian Doogan and Jack Woodward to a USA v Europe battle over one hole at the Ryder Cup venue of 1985, 1989, 1993 and 2002.

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The great biannual golfing event takes place on Sunday in Chicago - the home city of both Lichaj and Guzan - and they took the opportunity to organise their own fairway fight with the media men.

It took place over the famous 10th hole - a par four which is drivable - if you can avoid the stretch of water in front of the green.

Lichaj and Woodward fired right into the trees, Doogan arrowed a driver straight towards the green before falling into a watery grave.

That left the stage for Guzan who produced a tee-shot of class and precision, landing beautifully on the well-manicured surface.

Two putts later and Guzan was celebrating with Lichaj after putting Woodward - who previously holed in one at the twelfth - and Doogan to the sword.

Lichaj praised Guzan, saying he "did all the work" before berating the form of the press pair as "horrible."

Click here to watch the fun-packed feature.

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