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The Aston Villa Kit

Aston Villa's kit changed a number of times early in the club's history, sometimes quite radically, until 1888 when the Football League was founded. It was at this time that claret and blue was established the official club colours.

Since 1893, the body of the kit has been claret with blue sleeves and predominantly white shorts.

During the 1970s, shirt and sports manufacturers began to influence designs, shirt logos appearing on the shirt. This is when shirt designs began to change in line with the new manufacturers and subsequent shirt sponsorships.

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Club Crest

Aston Villa Crests

The Rampant Lion of Scotland (first image above) has been the hallmark of the Villa crest, thanks to the influence of William McGregor & George Ramsay.

Aston Villa Crests

The Current Crest

2007 - current.

AVFC lettering

After being omitted from the previous badge and at the request of a large number of fans, the letters FC were re-introduced. We recognise that modern clubs offer a wide range of products and services which on occasions fit outside the club. Our desire was to build a solid foundation which required going back to basics - we are, first and foremost, a Football Club.

Crest shape

There was much discussion regarding the shape of a new crest. The results from fan consultation were very much split between a return to the circular shape and the traditional shield.

The new shield, which bears a passing resemblance to the crest that adorned the roof of the old Trinity Rd Stand, gives a balanced view of Aston Villa. It marks both past and present, while aiming to offer a modern twist. The heraldic shape of the shield, which mirrors a family coat of arms, is no accident. This shape signifies the desire to reconnect with all stakeholders.

Unified lion

The famous lion also has a different look. Gone is the fragmented image seen on previous Villa badges. The lion is now proud, looking to the future and unified – signalling our desire for togetherness.

Crest colours

The striped background which is present within the old badge was replaced by a solid blue background. Heraldically, this colour represents honesty and loyalty, which both form an integral part of the new brand framework.

Bright star

The vital addition of a white star may be a small change but its significance is huge – that star glows brightly in recognition of the finest hour in the club’s 133-year history.

No matter how young, the most essential part of any Villa supporter’s education is to be aware the club won the European Cup by beating Bayern Munich in Rotterdam on 26th May, 1982.

Now we have a permanent reminder of the occasion and a symbol of our future goal, playing Champions League football again.

Always prepared

Aston Villa have always been Prepared – and the club’s motto is more appropriate than ever as the 21st century unfolds.

At the dawn of a brave new era for the club, we are prepared and willing to meet every challenge, both on and off the pitch.


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