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Last Match

August 2013

Sat 1715:00AArsenalPREM W 1-360,003League TableMatch Centre
Wed 2119:45AChelseaPREM L 2-141,527League TableMatch Centre
Sat 2417:30HLiverpoolPREM L 0-142,098League TableMatch Centre
Wed 2819:45HRotherham UnitedLGCP W 3-022,447Match Centre

September 2013

Sat 1415:00HNewcastle UnitedPREM L 1-237,554League TableMatch Centre
Sat 2112:45ANorwich CityPREM W 0-126,813League TableMatch Centre
Tue 2419:45HTottenham HotspurLGCP L 0-422,975Match Centre
Sat 2815:00HManchester CityPREM W 3-234,063League TableMatch Centre

October 2013

Sat 5 15:00AHull CityPREM D 0-024,396League TableMatch Centre
Sun 2016:00HTottenham HotspurPREM L 0-235,391League TableMatch Centre
Sat 2615:00HEvertonPREM L 0-235,154League TableMatch Centre

November 2013

Sat 2 15:00AWest Ham UnitedPREM D 0-034,977League TableMatch Centre
Sat 9 15:00HCardiff CityPREM W 2-035,809League TableMatch Centre
Mon 2520:00AWest Bromwich AlbionPREM D 2-224,902League TableMatch Centre
Sat 3015:00HSunderlandPREM D 0-033,036League TableMatch Centre

December 2013

Wed 4 19:45ASouthamptonPREM W 2-329,814League TableMatch Centre
Sun 8 13:30AFulhamPREM L 2-022,288League TableMatch Centre
Sun 1513:30HManchester UnitedPREM L 0-342,682League TableMatch Centre
Sat 2115:00AStoke CityPREM L 2-126,003League TableMatch Centre
Thu 2615:00HCrystal PalacePREM L 0-137,752League TableMatch Centre
Sat 2815:00HSwansea CityPREM D 1-137,028League TableMatch Centre

January 2014

Wed 1 15:00ASunderlandPREM W 0-139,757League TableMatch Centre
Sat 4 15:00HSheffield UnitedFACP L 1-224,038Match Centre
Mon 1320:00HArsenalPREM L 1-236,097League TableMatch Centre
Sat 1817:30ALiverpoolPREM D 2-244,737League TableMatch Centre
Wed 2919:45HWest Bromwich AlbionPREM W 4-336,083League TableMatch Centre

February 2014

Sat 1 15:00AEvertonPREM L 2-139,469League TableMatch Centre
Sat 8 15:00HWest Ham UnitedPREM L 0-236,261League TableMatch Centre
Tue 1119:45ACardiff CityPREM D 0-027,597League TableMatch Centre
Sun 2313:30ANewcastle UnitedPREM L 1-050,417League TableMatch Centre

March 2014

Sun 2 16:30HNorwich CityPREM W 4-130,303League TableMatch Centre
Sat 1517:30HChelseaPREM W 1-040,084League TableMatch Centre
Sun 2316:00HStoke CityPREM L 1-430,292League TableMatch Centre
Sat 2912:45AManchester UnitedPREM L 4-175,368League TableMatch Centre

April 2014

Sat 5 15:00HFulhamPREM L 1-233,532League TableMatch Centre
Sat 1215:07ACrystal PalacePREM L 1-025,564League TableMatch Centre
Sat 1915:00HSouthamptonPREM D 0-035,134League TableMatch Centre
Sat 2615:00ASwansea CityPREM L 4-120,701League TableMatch Centre

May 2014

Sat 3 15:00HHull CityPREM W 3-137,182League TableMatch Centre
Wed 7 19:45AManchester CityPREM L 4-047,023League TableMatch Centre
Sun 1115:00ATottenham HotspurPREM L 3-035,826League TableMatch Centre

Please be aware that fixture dates and times are subject to change.

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