Villa Park in 1907
Special shot of B6.
17th Apr 2013
Villa Park in 1907

This picture was taken from the aquarium tower on March 30, 1907 as a 28,000 crowd - every one of them apparently wearing caps - watch Villa beat Liverpool 4-0.

As Simon Inglis points out in 'Villa Park 100 Years', The Trinity Road wing roofs, added in 1899, can be clearly seen on the right, as can the newly-installed viewing areas on the cycle track behind each goal.

Even the distant roof of the Holte Hotel is visible, between the church and Aston Hall on the far horizon.

Notice also that even in those supposedly halcyon days policemen were needed to patrol the crowd, particularly to watch out for pickpockets. In those days Villa paid 1s [5p] for each constable on duty.

This splendidly evocative image was actually captured by Albert Wilkes, who had been a regular in Villa's half-back line until three years earlier but was now establishing himself as a photographer in the West Midlands.

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