Fan Blog: Addo from The Struts - I'm going for the treble!
Adam Slack talks Villa in latest supporter column.
28th Nov 2013
Fan Blog: Addo from The Struts - I'm going for the treble!

The Struts are recognised as a new band with the flamboyance, the style and, yes, the strut to match their rebellious tunes. Luke Spiller (vocals), Addo Slack (guitar), Jed Elliot (bass), and Gethin Davies (drums) make up indie rockers The Struts. They have just released their debut single 'Could Have Been Me' - a singalong anthem of epic proportions - to critical acclaim through Virgin EMI Records. Here, Villa fan Addo Slacks talks about his beloved claret and blue.

I am proud to say I'm going for the Barclays Premier League treble!

The Struts consist of Jed, Luke, Geth and Adam - that's me! We're all from different parts of the country.

Geth is from Wales and follows Swansea. That's his closest club.

Jed is from Bath but he supports Arsenal because he's a glory hunter.

Luke is from Bristol and loves Man City. God knows why!

I am from Derby. The funny thing is I didn't get into football when I was younger.My old band mates in The Roar watched Match of the Day all the time. Derby weren't in the Premier League at the time - around 2007 - so I asked one of them which club was closest to Derby. He told me it was Aston Villa. I said 'I'll support them then.'

Since then I have really grown into football. I love it now. I adore the club too.

So, as you can see, I'm on a winner in the band at the moment!

We beat Arsenal and Man City already. So it's just Swansea that awaits. Then I will be the top dog!

I remember the first day of the season, when we beat Arsenal 3-1 at The Emirates. Jed was fuming.I was rubbing it in big-time. Then watching Andi Weimann poke the ball past Joe Hart to win over Man City was absolutely amazing. I was nearly in tears. It was insane!


Don't let my dubious reasons for following Villa cloud your judgement on me, I love Villa now. I am totally focused on Villa. I am on the website every day and the iPhone app too. I love checking out what's happening.

If I had my way, we'd have lyrics with the names of Villa players past and present in them and we'd have album sleeves covered in claret and blue. I would love that but the other lads would have an issue I reckon! At the moment, I'll have to console myself with my plans to pick up a car coloured in claret and blue and a guitar too! That will be epic.

But I have even bigger dreams connected with Villa.

Our new single 'Could Have Been Me' is an anthem and it would be great to one day hear it sung in the stands. The song goes: "Wanna taste love...." But we could replace with: "Chriiiiiiiistian Beeeenteke!"

We have another song on the upcoming album which is like C'mon Feel the Noise by Slade. It's called 'Where Does She Go. It goes "Oh wooooooooah, where does she go." We could change that to "Oh wooooooooah. Gabby give us a goal!"

There's great potential there, I think. We need it played in B6 and wait for the fans to cotton on to it. Then we will have something special.


But my absolute No.1 ambition is to play a gig at Villa Park. I might aswell pack up and retire if I manage that.

Just to have the time to see the team and get a season ticket would be an amazing thing!

But to play Villa Park is the ultimate! I would have achieved my lifelong dream then. It would have to be facing the Holte End so I could see all the fans singing and cheering. I imagine a moment when instead of them getting off their seats when Gabby races through, they get off their feet to watch me play a guitar solo! There's nothing wrong to dream!

As you can imagine, as a musician you have to be a real showman and play to the crowd. That's why my favourite ever player is John Carew. I loved him. He was the man!

I remember one game he kicked the corner flag after the goal.I thought 'wooh, calm down JC.' He was just a towering presence - a real hitman of a striker. The fans loved him. They had that chant, which I thought was brilliant: "John Carew, Carew, he's bigger than me and you!" He always had a smile on his face too. That's how it should be.

It's been a while since he left Villa and now it's a rebuilding and restructuring job for Paul Lambert, which I think he's doing really well.

Keeping Christian Benteke was huge for the fans. He may not be scoring at the moment but he's still influential. He's a handful. He'll start scoring soon. Hopefully against Sunderland!

And what about Fabian Delph? He's been superb! He's not afraid to take on a player. Ashley Westwood and Karim El Ahmadi are improving all the time too.

I was on the ferry on the way back from France earlier this week when the Baggies game was on. I managed to get some 3G on my phone. I saw we were 2-0 down and thought 'for god's sake!' When Paul Lambert made the triple substitution, I thought 'here we go.' I watched the highlights on AVTV the other day and the two goals were great. Westwood's was a peach and Karim's was top drawer too.

Next up is Sunderland. I'm looking forward to that one. The 6-1 last time was the best moment of the season by far. It was a bit torrid at times but that was the turning point for us. I was watching it and I kept screaming and the other band members kept coming in and saying: "What's happened?" And I'd be like: "Another goal!! 6-1!!!!"

I think we will be in confident mood after the derby draw. Here's to three points.

Follow The Struts on Twitter.

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