Fan Blog: Former Miss Birmingham following Villa from USA
Natalie Ann Cutler on claret and blue journey.
7th Nov 2013
Fan Blog: Former Miss Birmingham following Villa from USA

It has been two years now since I won the title of Miss Birmingham and took part in several ambassadorial roles with my beloved club, Aston Villa.

I did an interview on AVTV, was a guest speaker at Restaurant VMF - and now I'm back writing a blog for the official site.

I am currently penning this from the States, New York to be precise!

It is my first trip here and being a Los Angeles regular, New York is very, very different. So far I have been here for only four days and the whole experience is very overwhelming - the similarities to the UK are so apparent that at times I forget where I am, yet in the same breath I have never felt further from home.

That is why the opportunity to write for you all - here from the famed New York Library - came at a much needed time.

Looking back at my stint as Miss Birmingham, I have to say the love offered to me from the claret and blue community was overwhelming. As a Villa fan, it meant a lot! I have grown up in a claret and blue household so I am sure the support I received from Villa during my term in office overwhelmed my family too.

Bear in mind where I am now, my dad dressed me in a Villa strip before he ever bought me a dress! Haha!

The support I received catapulted me to third in Miss England, something I am very proud of.

I received a Villa shirt on the eve of the final - with 'No.1' and 'Good Luck' on the back.

I take it everywhere with me and it is my lucky charm. Seems to be working so far :-)

After the success of winning Miss Birmingham, I went on to sign for one of the top modelling agencies in the world - Elite.

In August 2012 I moved to Asia to begin the first part of my contract with them . . . in the Philippines.

After spending three months working in Manila, It was time for a stint in Los Angeles, then Bangkok, Malaysia and now finally ending my year in the city that never sleeps - quite appropriate for me seeing as I never stop and due to the times of Villa games over here!

Over the past year I have been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest brands in the world including Vogue, Lacoste, Kickers and Salvatore Ferregamo.

Miss Birmingham

Despite this whirlwind adventure, I always keep tabs on my beloved Villa.

They have played such an important part in my life growing up and my affection and love for the team won't ever wane.

I try to watch matches wherever I am in the world but, even if I don't, my grandparents don't shut up about Paul Lambert's men when we're chatting together on Skype.

There's NBC really focusing on the Barclays Premier League now too, so Villa action is never far away for me.

It's incredible stateside because there seems to be many, many Villa fans over here. You see shirts and caps all the time walking around the city. It's amazing!

There's no introduction needed for Tom Hanks, of course, who mentioned Villa again in his promo interview for Captain Phillips. Amazing!

It's nice that there are so many famous faces that speak out in support of the Villa - David Bradley, Oliver Phelps, Prince William...the list goes on and on.

It's something you don't see or hear of at many other teams. That's another reason why Villa is special.

On to the current team and I am loving Brad Guzan at the moment.

He's no stranger to us but he nearly left. Thank goodness Paul Lambert made him turn round and return to B6.

It's nice to see him back at the club and doing his part to keep us pushing up the Premier League.

I think having him as part of the Villa family contributes a great deal in us having more American followers than most English teams.

The defence has been magnificent this season - with Guzan as the focal point - but obviously we need to start scoring goals.

I feel the frustration of the lads but I'm so positive that they will be able to deliver soon, with the likes of Christian Benteke, Andreas Weimann and Gabby Agbonlahor in there.

Keep the support going, keep the faith behind our team and know that even on the other side of the world . . . Villa fans are still supporting strongly!

Lots of love from New York.

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