Villa Noise: Training with Dr Jo, Hanks on Villa and Petrov's debut
Paul Brown on B6 matters.
23rd Oct 2013
Villa Noise: Training with Dr Jo, Hanks on Villa and Petrov's debut

Tom Hanks has used the promotional interviews for his new film 'Captain Phillips' to reiterate his love of Villa.

Hanks, talking below in a new video uploaded to YouTube, bemoans the fact he has so many satellite channels that he often can't find the one that shows soccer.

He adds that when he does manage to tune in, it's always games between "West Ham and Man Utd, Tottenham and QPR, never Villa."

He bellows: "Bring me Villa! Bring me Villa!"

Hanks also demonstrates his knowledge of matters on the pitch, by adding: "I believe Villa are 10th out of 20 teams now" - a correct assertion at the time of filming.

He also refers to a "friend in LA" who keeps him up-to-date on claret and blue matters - the actor in question, Bob Stephenson, who often writes fan blogs for the official site.

Stan Petrov has agreed to be a co-commentator on AVTV this season.

Former skipper Petrov was interviewed by the online television channel this week to help drum up support for his new Foundation.

And discussion soon turned to match commentary at Villa Park.

The dulcet tones of AVTV host Woodward are beamed into hospitality boxes - including that of Petrov - during home games.

Petrov joked with Woodward that he has to turn down the audio levels!

Woodward called Petrov's bluff by insisting: "If you think you can improve the service, join me on air."

Petrov agreed instantly and is provisionally due to appear on the mic for the Villa v Sunderland match in November, although this could change depending on the former midfielder's hectic schedule.


Libor Kozak has unfortunately never heard of namesake Theo Kojak.

Kozak waxed lyrical in this week's Bodymoor Blog about his appreciation for the fans who regularly tweet him notes of support before games.

When quizzed about several pictures of the Telly Savalas-inspired New York lieutenant that have appeared on the social media site in approval of the performances of the Czech striker, he said: "I've never heard of Kojak sorry about that."

It was asking a bit much to expect him to appreciate the reference, given the 1970s airing of the show but I couldn't help but hope he'd say: "Yes, who loves ya baby?"


We've had a very special guy at Villa Park this week - Matt Frost, who has hit the national headlines for his innovative work scheme.

Frost, badly injured in his previous job, came up with the idea during his recuperation of doing a different occupation every week for the entire year.

So far, he's enjoyed work as Holly Willoughby's PA, stunt man, pizza delivery boy, blacksmith, beef farmer, university lecturer and music festival organiser.

This week he walked through the doors in B6 to take on a variety of roles, including marketer, sales rep, chef, commentator and groundsman.

You can check out his progress on his website here or follow his engaging Twitter account here.


Jed Steer has this week revealed the nickname of Jores Okore - "The Ninja Turtle."

Steer explains that it's due to the defender's exceptional speed and huge frame.

He said: "Jores is such a good player and a really lovely guy off the field. He was quiet at first but now he's always smiling and has plenty of good banter in the dressing room. He's a funny guy.

"We call him the ninja turtle. He's got such an impressive turn of speed and he's build like a real unit too. He's just a great guy."

Steer also revealed that the players are offering Okore support after the defender was effectively ruled out for the rest of the season.

He added: "We were all gutted when Jores got injured. But we're fully behind him 100%.

"We see him at the training ground all the time so we always have a chat. He might be in rehab but he's still an important part of the group. We're one big family."

Forget the Mail Man - Fabian Delph says he's the Missing Man.

Midfielder Delph gave a really interesting and insightful interview with the Birmingham Mail this morning, as he discussed his injuries and his relationship with "gentleman owner" Randy Lerner.

Lerner once labelled Darren Bent the Mail Man because he always delivered in front of goal.

Delph joked that he's the Missing Man, due to his time on the sidelines.

It was an honest - if somewhat jokey - assessment from a player who always tells it how it is.

He said: "I always spend five minutes chatting with Randy when I see him. It's always great to see him. He's a gentleman. He always takes time to ask how I am. He tells me he thinks I can push on.

"He owns the club and I think if I'm injured what good am I?

"But he's just been brilliant. He has believed in me. He always says positive things to me.

"His nickname for me? I don't know. Probably the Missing Man. No, he just calls me Fab!"

And he's certainly been Fab these past few months!


Great to see Christian Benteke take time out on matchday to meet the Belgian Lions.

Several members, including chairman Tom Gillis, were at the Tottenham match and requested to see Benteke and wish him luck before kick-off.

Benteke was only too happy to agree and took time out to sign autographs and pose for pictures.

The result wasn't what they'd hoped for but Belgian Lions went home happy that weekend.


Great feedback from the interview with Ian Ormondroyd - but one story didn't make the final cut concerning the reign of Dr Jo Venglos due to length restrictions.

It delves into one training session where Dr Jo went more radical than normal in his approach.

Ormondroyd explains: "I remember one time Dr Jo asked us to stand on the deadball line as a group of players. He asked us to run the whole length of the pitch holding our breath.

"He said 'suck the air into the lungs and then set off running'. The lads were looking at each other and saying 'what on earth is this all about?'

"We had all exhaled at about the halfway line!"


Look the part - and donate to charity in the process - with the new Villa/Acorns wristband.

Available in Villa Stores for just £2 - with £1 being donated to our charity partner - you can show off your support for both great organisations.

The limited edition wrist accessories are emblazoned with 'Acorns 25' to commemorate their very special anniversary.

Pop into the Villa Stores for the Everton game and show your support.


Watch out for the AVTV pre-match show this week, featuring special guest Tony Morley.

It is somewhat fitting that Morley stars on the preview programme.

Former winger Morley played brilliantly for Villa, supported Everton as a boy and scored a goal of the season for Villa at the Toffees.

As usual he talks plenty of sense alongside Jack Woodward as they cover a raft of subjects.

The show will be available to watch from Thursday.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the thoughts of Brad Guzan.

There's an exclusive interview with Guzan on our online television channel now.

It's a meaty piece - 15 minutes - as the ace shot-stopper looks back at Tottenham, ahead to Everton aswell as discussing qualifying for the World Cup with USA.

Brad Guzan is a big fan and friend of Tim Howard - other than his beard!

Guzan joked in the exclusive interview that fellow USA stopper Howard looked scruffy with his facial fuzz.

He said: "Tim is a top, top keeper and his performances for Everton and USA show that. But I'm not having that beard. He thinks it looks really good. I disagree big-time!"

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Finally, watch out for our new special gallery feature every Wednesday on the site.

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