Fan Blog: Hong Kong supporter Kidd So on big Villa love
Kidd So gives his Villa verdict.
16th Oct 2013
Fan Blog: Hong Kong supporter Kidd So on big Villa love

I will be full of energy and enthusiasm to watch my beloved team on Sunday - even though it will be the middle of the night where I live.

My name is Kidd So, I'm from Hong Kong and it will be 1am when Villa kick-off against Tottenham and 4am before I head to bed.

That's assuming I can sleep, which I probably won't be able to after the adrenalin of watching my claret and blue heroes!

I have been supporting Villa since I was 11-years-old. That's now 18 years ago!

I can't explain how I much I love the club. Even though I live many, many miles away, I still feel the joy of the fans in the crowd when Villa score and Villa win. I really do wholeheartedly support the club - I am a real Villan definitely!

I feel part of the family. I know Villa is a family club. I could sense that when Villa arrived in Hong Kong for the Barclays Asia Trophy in 2011 and every time they compete in the Soccer Sevens too.

The players - whether they are seniors or juniors - always come to say hello, have their photos taken and sign autographs. They do it with smiles on their faces and that means a lot. We are very proud of them!

The most memorable experience for me supporting the team was the Barclays Asia Trophy. It was such a pleasure to watch training and interact with the players.

I still remember AVTV doing an interview with me pitchside after one of the training sessions. They asked me why I support Aston Villa. I said 'no reason' because I don't need one. You just live and breathe Aston Villa. I kissed the badge during the interview and told Jack Woodward 'I truly love Aston Villa being in my life.' I really meant it deeply. It was really an unforgettable experience in my life to express my loyalty for Villa through AVTV.

I have been gathering support for Villa here in Hong Kong for the past few years now and we are growing all the time. That's why I started a 'Hong Kong Aston Villa Fans Club' page on Facebook. This aims at sharing Villa news with all possible fans in Hong Kong and growing the support for the team. It has really gathered pace, so much so that we now regularly meet to watch the Villa, cheer on the team, experience the highs and lows and generally have a fantastic time together, all under one claret and blue family.


All the people who meet are excited for the future. I certainly love what the club is doing on the football field - and in the transfer market.

To be a successful football club, I think you need to do more than just buy the most skilful players in the world. This is insufficient in my eyes.

I agree with Paul Lambert. We, the fans, want players who we can relate to, players we have seen either come through the academy or see grow from boys to men, like Ashley Westwood, Matt Lowton and Yacouba Sylla.

We now have one of the youngest teams in the Barclays Premier League but that is something to celebrate, they will grow and improve all the time. This is great news. We are creating a platform for the success in the future. With our academy, we are also providing a bridge for the youth players. Look at Gabriel Agbonlahor, Marc Albrighton and Jack Grealish. These provide the best evidence of why Villa will be a successful football club for many years. These players are all showing their loyalty towards the club in every match too because of where they have come from.

The player I like most is Gabby. He is just a great person. I may not be born in Birmingham but I still know all about the rivalry with the guys across the city. That's why my favourite moment was Gabby's goal against Blues in September 2009 - what a moment! He loves scoring against Blues. And the fans in Hong Kong love seeing him score against Blues!

He hasn't scored so far this season but he has been a big player in providing chances for others. I am so excited about this team and the start to the season. We have improved a lot. Our players are better - Paul Lambert has signed some great players - and we look stronger as a team too. Look at our wins over Arsenal and Man City - magnificent!

We are now in 10th and full of confidence - and that positivity is shared by the supporters. It's a hard match this weekend against Tottenham. They are a very good team. But I am backing Villa to win 2-1.


我是Kidd ,在今個週末香港時間晚上11時,維拉將會在主場迎戰熱刺。雖然比賽結束時已是零晨時分,我相信自己會懷著興奮的心情以致未能入睡,腦海中不斷浮現每位維拉球員於比賽場上的精彩表現。

維拉曾參與的賽事包括 2011 年香港巴克萊英超挑戰杯及香港足球七人賽,令粉絲們完全感受到維拉是一間充滿人情味的球會,著重球員與球迷之間的交流。無論是一隊成員或青年軍 ,球員們都會笑臉迎人主動向球迷示好及簽名合照,完全沒有架子,絕對值得尊重及令人敬佩。在我人生中最難忘的經驗可說是2011 年香港巴克萊英超挑戰杯。由於維拉已多年沒有到訪香港,這正是一個難得的機會可以接近我喜愛的球員及團隊。更榮幸地獲得維拉職員邀請參觀賽前訓練及並與球員簽名合照,興奮的心情絕非筆墨能形容。

我仍然深深記得於賽前訓練會中AVTV 與我做了一個簡短的訪問。他們問我支持維拉的原因,我坦然沒有特別原因,因為我覺得支持是由心而發,並不需要任何原因。說完後我便親吻維拉的會章並對AVTV主持積克活獲表示出自己對維拉的狂熱及永遠支持。能夠於AVTV表達我對維拉熱愛的程度簡直是一生難忘的經歷,不枉此生。



我最喜愛的球星可以說是艾邦拉荷,雖然我不是在伯明翰出生,但我都知道伯明翰城是維拉的同市宿敵,雙方球迷為支持自己喜愛而產生各位其主。而我最喜歡艾邦拉荷的一個入球是2009年9月維拉作客伯明翰時所射入的致勝入球,這一球極具意義,因為能協助維拉作客全取三分及戰勝同市宿敵。雖然今季艾邦拉荷仍未取得入球,但他在場上的表演值得一讚,往往能給隊友製做一些入球機會,而維拉藉著他的表現也獲得不少掌聲。我對維拉充滿信心,從季初表現可見維拉面對强隊時也能應付自如,甚至擊敗阿仙奴及曼城,為球員打下強心針,狀態大勇。 現時維拉在英超排名第十並於今週將會主場迎戰另一支强隊熱刺,我相信維拉可以報回於今季聯賽杯被擊敗的一戰之仇,爭取 2比1的勝仗。


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