Bodymoor Blog: Guzan on Weimann, Kozak and returning to Hull
Brad Guzan comments on B6 matters.
3rd Oct 2013
Bodymoor Blog: Guzan on Weimann, Kozak and returning to Hull

First up, it was great to win the big match against Man City - and I was delighted to play a part in the winning goal.

In my eyes, it's important to have good distribution as a goalkeeper, especially in modern-day football. It's vital.

You have to be able to start a counter-attack if you can and at that very moment - two v two - the trust and belief I had in our guys meant I sent it forward to them and Andi finished it brilliantly.

I was thrilled to see him score - he deserves a goal in every game for the effort he puts in! Hopefully that's the first of many for him.

There's no doubt his confidence is there and his work ethic has always been one of his very best attributes.

I think when defenders look at the team-sheet and see he's in there and they have to come up against him, they start to ask questions.

He's a top, top player and he's a nuisance. He's here, there and everywhere, always looking for the ball.

If you put that hesitation and uncertainty in a defender's mind even before the first whistle has gone, you've already started to do wonders.

Of course, we beat Man City without Gabby Agbonlahor, Christian Benteke, Ashley Westwood and Jores Okore, who are all injured. That shows what the team is all about.

These are major players for us, massive players and no-one would doubt that.

But at the same time, it's just an opportunity for the rest of us to take a little bit more responsibility on our shoulders.

I thought Libor Kozak did a fantastic job. He threw his body around and led the line brilliantly.

But we're all in it together. There's camaraderie, togetherness, a desire to help the guy next to you and a desire to win. That will take us a long way.


Libor is really feeling at home now at Villa.

He's a good lad, a quiet lad but he speaks English really well, he gets on with the guys and he's a good person in the dressing room.

He just wants to work hard and do well.

He's a huge asset. Look at his performance against Man City. He went up against the likes of Vincent Kompany and competed, fought and challenged. He had toughness but he can play football too.


It was fantastic to see another new boy Leandro Bacuna find the target against Man City too - and if you look at the precision of the free-kick I must admit any goalkeeper in the world would have struggled to reach it!

It was just a world-class goal from a player who is improving all the time.

It was an amazing goal - an unbelievable strike. That sort of free-kick is always immensely difficult for the goalkeeper. But it's difficult for the forward to get it up and over the wall too. Fair play to him. He's done that at pace too! It was in the back of the net in a flash.

Leandro is playing with full confidence at the moment and rightfully so. His performances have been very high in quality. He will continue to get better.

He is a confident lad. He is bubbly. He's not one to shy away from things. That comes across on the pitch. You can sense that confidence.

You need that, especially coming into this sort of league. You can't be hesitant - you must walk out there and do your job.

On to the next game and it will be great for me to return to Hull.

That was my first chance to play consistently in this country, so my time up there will always be special to me.

The Hull fans were very welcoming and opened their arms to me, which was great.

It really helped me as a goalkeeper and as a professional to have that taste of first-team football.

You saw when they were last in the Premier League that their fan base is really good. Their supporters are always right behind the team.

When I had the taste of first-team football at Hull I really started to appreciate what football means to people in this country.

Fair play to Hull for getting promoted because it's never easy fighting your way out of the Championship. It's a very difficult league.

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