Fan Blog: Hollywood ace Stephenson - New Villa in town!
Actor Bob Stephenson talks us through his views on Villa.
29th Aug 2013
Fan Blog: Hollywood ace Stephenson - New Villa in town!

Our latest blog contributor is Hollywood actor Bob Stephenson, who has been in such movies as Fight Club, Con Air, Seven and Transformers. The 46-year-old Californian runs the rule over his football love Villa.

First up, I would like to commend Paul Lambert.

Against all the odds, against all the critics, this man has come in here and cleaned house - Villa has been reborn.

We have to support this man with everything we've got.

I truly believe he is building a dynasty for the future. Strong word dynasty, I know, but that is how I feel.

He is going about it the right way. He clearly has an eye for talent and like great managers before him, he knows how to make them play together.

So happy I'm here to see it.

Take a look at our start to the season for evidence.

I watched the first match against Arsenal at home with the volume on 55 - trust me, on my TV that's REAL loud!

What a game! I knew when I saw that schedule that this was a real test - but you have got to play these teams at some point so why not up front.

And WOW. We looked amazing.

After that game I emailed my buddies - there are five of us. We each support a different team. There's Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Spurs and, of course, the mighty Villa. We constantly talk football.

My email simply said - "There's a new Villa in town, boys!" and they all agreed. All of them had nothing but great things to say about our entire week of matches.

I thought we looked amazing against Chelsea. We played them that well at the Bridge?! Come on!

We had that game. Unbelievable no call in the box. But can't cry about it now. We looked great and we know it. And more importantly Chelsea now know they're in trouble when they come to Villa Park.

The Liverpool game was ours for sure, no doubt. Against an absolutely sacked out Villa team they barely won.

Overall it was a tough three games in a week but we came through it shining like bright lights in a fountain of free beer!

I see us top ten. I'm optimistic after this week for sure.


NBC are covering the games over here in the USA.

The coverage has been good.

I love NBC's marketing. They're really going for it. It's going to push English football over the top here.

There have been claret and blue taxis in New York I understand? Why haven't we seen any in Los Angeles?

And it was great to watch Jason Sudeikis starring as Coach Lasso, manager of Tottenham, for one of NBC's promos. If they want to do anything about Villa, I'm willing and able! I'm in!

The NBC website have also been asking non-tribal fans to 'Pick a Team' on their website too. It's got to be Villa for all of them surely.

As the Chicago Blackhawks are to American hockey, Villa is to English football. One of the originals. A stalwart. A class act that respects the game and plays hard. With one of the most iconic and revered stadiums in the league, Villa are truly the embodiment of English football.

AND - we're the underdog. It's too easy to root for those well known teams. Who doesn't like an underdog, right America?! This team is young and hungry. Come on!


I want to pick out two players after watching the first week of matches.

Fabian Delph? My god he has come in and laid down his mark.

He and Westwood and El Ahmadi - tough as nails. Fantastic work!! So great to watch Delph get in there. His goal against Rotherham in the Capital One Cup was fantastic!

I met him in Portland last year - such a nice guy.

And Christian Benteke - what can I say? So good and calm on the ball and what a great touch.

Best thing he could have done was to stay at Villa. Everybody knows who he is. If he goes to a different club he runs the risk of the unknown - the system, the players, the facilities. He's loved at Villa and the whole world knows who he is.

He can relax and play his game. He's a sure starter every game and he's surrounded by winners like Gabby and Andi. You can't beat that.

I'm busy work-wise at the moment. I am currently writing a series for HBO - fingers crossed on that one - and shooting the odd commercial. When I have more time, I want to come over and see Villa at Villa Park.

Someday Villa Park here I come. For now - I am attending every single game in spirit. Heck, in my mind - I'm out there scoring goals! WOOHOO!!

UTV! Bob!

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