Villa Noise: Villa love at The Sun, Flamey Andi and Jack is quackers
Paul Brown on quirky B6 matters.
15th Aug 2013
Villa Noise: Villa love at The Sun, Flamey Andi and Jack is quackers

Andi Weimann has explained why he thinks things are Flamey.

Fans picked up on Weimann's use of the hashtag #Flamey to sign-off his tweets on the social media site Twitter.

Many believed it was a reference to Nandos, the restaurant of choice for Weimann and his playing pals.

But, in an AVTV Q&A, the fab forward dismissed this notion and revealed the real meaning.

He said: "All the boys use the word Flamey. It just means 'really good'.

"People think it's to do with Nandos but it's not.

"Let's hope I can score some Flamey goals this season."

The star striker also revealed that his goal celebration is a dedication to a dancing pal.

He added: "I started it against Man Utd. Basically one of my friends when he's in a nightclub, he uses those moves on the dancefloor.

"The executive box he sits in is right next to where I scored against Man Utd in the first half at Villa Park so I thought I'd do it to him. I have now taken it on and on. Now I will do that everytime I score."


The Sun's new daily video bulletin is being hosted by an avid Villa fan - Samantha Johnson.

The tabloid is going big on broadcast coverage on all its platforms - mobiles, iPads and the web.

Every day they produce a show from 6.30am and the face of the programme is Birmingham-born Johnson.

Johnson worked for music magazine Touch before a spell at Sky Sports News.

That started her broadcasting journey which led her to work at Al Jazeera Sport and Chelsea TV before her latest move to The Sun.

During all this time, though, Villa have always been in her heart.

She told us: "I am a proud Brummie! The very best things to come out of Birmingham are Cadburys, Jamelia, Ozzy Osbourne, UB40 and Villa of course!

"Villa are my favourite team, absolutely no question. My dad is a big Birmingham City fan but my mum's side of the family are all Villa, so I chose them.

"My favourite ever player is Martin Laursen, what a star!"


Fellow broadcaster Jack Woodward didn't know whether to say thank you or quack quack when he was greeted by two fans this week.

Woodward was over in the Villa Park Store to interview Jores Okore and Nicklas Helenius during their signing session when two supporters introduced themselves to him.

They had seen the AVTV presenter's famous 'Journey to Germany' comedy clip [below], with Woodward having a bath with claret and blue ducks before blasting into a commentary of them as if they were our players.

After telling him how funny they found the video, both went straight up to the till to buy one duck each as a memento.

Here's Woodward with his new friends.

You can snap up our ducks online too.

NBC are going huge on their coverage of the Barclays Premier League this season.

The network — which has USA broadcast rights to the top-flight for the next three seasons — kicks off its programming on August 17 with the match between Liverpool and Stoke City.

It's the first of 380 regular-season games the NBC Sports Group will offer live on an array of platforms, including NBC and the NBC Sports Network, USA, CNBC, Spanish-language channels Mun2 and Telemundo, as well as desktops and mobile devices.

They spent $250m to secure the rights and are clearly making big strides in the football industry.

As part of their website offering, they have created a team guide for every side in the Barclays Premier League.

Check out ours below.


Villa's match console is the ultimate place to be this season.

Our coverage has been enhanced - and fans can get all the news, views and pictures surrounding each game here on the official website.

We begin at 8am sharp every matchday and we want you to be part of the claret and blue conversation.

It doesn't matter if you're at the game, following it from abroad or out shopping, you can give us your views.

There's the match console itself which allows you to air your thoughts or you can join us via Twitter and Instagram.

Just post your comments or pictures about the game - before, during or after the match - using the #AVFCLIVE hashtag and there's a good chance they will feature in the match console, which brings together all the opinion surrounding each exciting encounter.

Are you up early and desperate to send a good luck message to the lads? Are you on the way to the match? Are you inside the stadium wearing your new shirt?

Have you got a good shot of the players warming up or getting off the coach? Are you in a New York bar? Do you have an opinion on who should play up front? Do you have a selection for man of the match?

Use #AVFCLIVE on any of the social media channels above and you could feature in the lively conversation week after week.

Before the game starts, the match console will also contain pre-match analysis, interactive polls and a free video package previewing the game.

During the match itself, you can follow the action and interact with Paul Brown and Dan Harrison in the match console.

Paul and Dan will bring you blow by blow action as the game unfolds as well as the thoughts of fans logging-in from all over the planet.

After the game, the match console contains a game report, manager's verdict, stat pack and a picture gallery.

You can boost the coverage of the game in the subscription-only area of the match console.

Here, you can enjoy live audio commentary, with Jack Woodward joined by a host of guests on the microphone throughout the 90 minutes.

Also, in our subscription area, you get a video interview with Paul Lambert and the star players from the game and extended highlights too.

This costs £4.99 per month or £44.99 for year - sign-up today here.


It's blatantly obvious that Stan Petrov and Fabian Delph are the best of mates from the banter they give each other at Bodymoor Heath.

Delph has spoken in the past of his awestruck demeanour when he met Petrov for the first time and how the Bulgarian midfielder took him to the cleaners in his first-ever training session in claret and blue.

Petrov too has spoken glowingly about Delph's never-say-die attitude when quizzed on club channels.

But the acerbic wit of both men is there for all to see when they're in close proximity to each other.

Delph was chatting to programme editor Rob Bishop this week for a feature to appear in the Villa v Liverpool edition when Petrov walked past.

Laughing heartily, Petrov said: "Delph. Delph. Why is it whenever I see you, you are doing interviews. You talk too much."

Ironically, Delph didn't say much in response but the huge grin said it all.


Match of the Day magazine predicts Villa will finish 14th, calls Christian Benteke our game-changer and says if we were a food dish we'd be fresh rolls.

On Benteke, they said: "Christian exploded on to the scene last season, scoring big goals in big games.

"With a season of Premier League footie under his belt and his future at Villa secured, he's ready to kick-on and fire them up the table."

On the reason for the fresh rolls description, they added: "They have raw ingredients that are designed to come together as something tasty and refreshing."

FourFourTwo magazine, meanwhile, reckons we will finish 11th and, again, picks Benteke as the key player.

They said: "Buoyed by a strong finish to the last campaign and a young, united squad, this season should be more enjoyable for fans of Villa."

Match magazine backs Benteke to bruise the Gunners on Saturday, too.

They said: "It will be an awesome battle with Laurent Koscielny. He is one of the best Premier League defenders. But Benteke bosses most centre-backs."

As their one to watch this weekend, Match selects Leandro Bacuna.

They added: "Villa fans will want to see their new star taking on players in this one."

Villa stars Andi Weimann, Christian Benteke and Brad Guzan are always proud to represent their respective countries.

But all three, having played for Austria, Belgium and USA last night, are now raring to go for Villa, as their tweets below show.



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