Villa Noise: Oasis ace in B6, Holman on US Masters and Badgeman
Paul Brown on quirky B6 life.
18th Apr 2013
Villa Noise: Oasis ace in B6, Holman on US Masters and Badgeman

Adam Scott's success in golf's US Masters was celebrated this week by two Aussies in the first-team camp - Brett Holman and Chris Herd.

While Holman and Herd aren't avid players of the game, they were both glued to their TV sets as Scott defeated Argentinean Angel Cabrera on the second hole of a play-off at Augusta National.

Scott followed in the footsteps of legends like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Nick Faldo, Seve Ballesteros and Tiger Woods in claiming the famous Green Jacket, handed out to winners on the flowing fairways.

But Scott became the first Aussie to win the title in the calendar's first major, with other famous stars from down under like Greg Norman, Peter Thompson and Wayne Grady unable to in the tournament's illustrious history.

Holman and Herd were thrilled.

Holman said: "It's massive for Adam Scott and massive for Aussies. He's a big sporting hero for winning such a prestigious sporting event.

"I'm not a big golf man but I can appreciate what it takes to win in a tournament with such a long and rich history.

"Greg Norman, the Great White Shark, was a hero to many people in Australia throughout his career at the top and Adam grew up idolising him.

"Norman never won The Masters despite going close on numerous occasions but I'm sure he's feeling proud and excited about a guy he inspired finally prevailing to become the first Australian to win at Augusta.

"There will have been a lot of celebrations throughout the country, no doubt about it."

Herd added: "I'm not a big golf fan, but I have a set of clubs and I give it a whack now and again.

"Adam Scott winning The Masters is major for people back home. Australia's a big sporting nation and The Masters is one of those iconic events that even non-golf fans know about and appreciate.

"He's been knocking on the door for a number of years and he's one of the top players in the world.

"Winning The Masters will help him take the next step. Greg Norman opened the doors for golfers in Australia, he was such an exciting player and the way Adam Scott went about winning on Sunday will make him a big hero for Australians everywhere."



On the subject of professional golf, Flic Johnson's devotion to Villa is never in question, even when she is driving the fairways.

The European and US Tour professional always uses head covers bearing the Villa logo.

"I've had that one on my driver for about two years," she tells us.

"I'm on to my second head cover as my brother broke the zip on the original.

"I got a new one for Christmas and my caddy knows to take good care of it!

"There are a lot of football fans on the European tour so between players and caddies there is always a bit of banter on the range. I meet a lot of people from different countries and most will know of someone from their country who has played for villa. "

As well as using the cover, Flic also uses an claret and blue ball marker and has a healthy supply of club tees.


Villa Park was turned into the set of a music video this week when Parlour Flames - a collaboration between Villa fan Vinny Peculiar and ex-Oasis guitarist Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs - were here to film the promo for their forthcoming single.

'Pop Music, Football and Girls' is the title of the new track, making our famous stadium an appropriate location for the video shoot.

Filming took place in various locations around the ground, including the dressing rooms, pitchside and below the big screen at the corner of the Holte End and Trinity Road.

And while frontman Vinny - a staunch claret and blue follower - was more than happy to recreate Christian Benteke's goal celebration for us, Bonehead wasn't so obliging.

That's not surprising, though, considering he is a long-time fan of Monday night's opponents Manchester United.

However, Bonehead revealed he doesn't go to Old Trafford these days as he gets wrongly mistaken for a Manchester City fan because of his connection with the Gallagher brothers.

"Last time I went I almost got bottled out of there," he said.

During a break in filming, the Parlour Flames pair gave an entertaining interview to AVTV.

Bonehead - who is used to the spotlight having played with Oasis during the peak of their fame in the 1990s - had our media men Jack Woodward and Dan Harrison in hysterics with the tale of a prank he and Liam Gallagher once played on an interviewer in Germany.

Look out for the AVTV feature on the Parlour Flames video shoot soon.

Several Villa female staff were used in the video shoot too, with - from left to right - Julie Martin, Mags Mitchell, Tracey Piper and Michelle Simmonds-Nutt - all showing off their music skills.



The man who famously fell from the Trinity Road Stand dressed as Father Christmas was back at Villa Park this week for a more enjoyable visit.

Nigel Rogoff, pictured with his family at Villa Park, suffered multiple injuries when a parachute landing went wrong at half-time in our match against Arsenal in December 1998.

Nigel even had his left leg amputated below the knee but made a recovery with the aid of a nurse called Sarah, who subsequently became his wife.

The couple have 11-year-old twin sons, Harry and Oliver and the family were based in South Africa for nine months before returning to live in Herefordshire.

"It was great to be back at Villa Park in happier circumstances," said Nigel.

"I came here to meet the team not long after the accident but it was possibly a bit too soon and I didn't really take it all in.

"But this time it was really special."


It was amazing to see Stan Petrov looking so well this week as he told AVTV all about his fight against leukaemia and how he's battling back from the disease.

He's over the intensive treatment now and has to take tablets for two years - rather than the sapping chemotherapy sessions which have been a regular part of his life for 12 months.

He admits spending more time with his family is No.1 priority now.

But, ever the sportsman, he plans on shedding a bit of weight, which has been put on due to the disease-bashing treatment.

Now many will have watched his exclusive interview with our online television channel and seen him mention this aim.

They will also have heard him talk of going on "Bobby's diet" and not known what he meant.

Well, we can clear it up here.

Bobby refers to Bobby Bridgeman, our cameraman, who lost a mind-blowing 10 stone in the space of a year with the help of a famous online diet.

Bobby said: "I'm happy to give Stan some tips. But, once an athlete, always an athlete. He'll be trim in no time!"

Just as we celebrated Stan's big step on the road to full recovery, we also mourned the death of former club colleague Dave Ismay.

Dave worked in various roles at Villa, including head of community and pitch announcer.

Always quick with a one-liner, he'll be a sad loss to the claret and blue community.

RIP Dave - Holte Ender in the Sky now!

Ciaran Clark has what it takes to be a manager.

That's the view of left-back Joe Bennett, talking in Match magazine.

He said: "Ciaran is very intelligent. He speaks very well so I think he's a real chance of managing one day."

Bennett also picked out Fabian Delph as the loudest, Ron Vlaar as the scariest and Gabby Agbonlahor as the funniest.

He added: "Fabian is proper loud! When he's quiet you worry about. He's a good lad. He's funny too.

"The gaffer is the scariest! But out of the lads, it's got to be Ron. You don't mess with him.

"Gabby is the funniest. He hasn't pulled any pranks since I've been here. But there's still time!"


Villa's 3-2 win over QPR has been selected as the season's 20th biggest moment.

In a special feature in Match of the Day magazine, Villa's six-point thriller was hailed.

They said: "This was a must-win game for both teams.

"But it turned into a 'you-must-be-joking' one for QPR when, after taking the lead, they lost to leave them looking relegation-doomed."

Tottenham's 3-2 away win at Man Utd was No.1 as they ended a 23-year Old Trafford hoodoo.

Great to see Christian Benteke getting national praise this week.

Harry Redknapp, in his Sun on Sunday column, said Benteke would be his choice as Young Player of the Year.

He said: "It's incredible to think he is only 22, has come from Genk — not exactly one of Europe's super powers — and is in his debut season in the Premier League.

"But he has taken it all in his stride, looks as if he's been here for years and has led the line like a battle-hardened veteran."

Talking about battle-hardened veterans, programme editor Rob Bishop was only too happy to join in 'The Benteke' craze sweeping the claret and blue ethos.

Mimicking the goal celebration of our giant hitman, 'Bish' - as he is affectionately known - added more than a touch of delight with a remarkable grin.



John Curtis, the Press Association's Villa correspondent, has been unwell these past few days - but we're delighted he's getting back to full strength now.

'JC' is a highly-respected man in press circles and we here are thrilled he's on the mend.

Here's a picture to show he's back to his best as he does 'The Benteke' too.


The season is yet to end but AVTV are already planning for the summer.

Production Manager Lucy Finney, along with commentator/presenter Jack Woodward and video editor Bobby Bridgeman are filming a host of interviews, which won't date.

One of them this week was with a man famous in and around B6 on a matchday.

Tony Penn - well-known as Badgeman - came along for an interesting and engaging piece about his vast collection of claret and blue goodies.

Watch out for the interview in the coming weeks.


Andreas Weimann made his commentary debut this week as he chatted confidently about the U21s action against Chelsea.

Jack Woodward was impressed with Weimann's skills behind the microphone.

But the Austrian was himself bewildered by Woodward's grasp of German.

Woodward looked to impress Weimann by counting from 1-10 and asked: "Was that right?"

Weimann smiled before adding: "Erm. Sort of."

Polite Weimann clearly didn't want to pick Woodward up on a few accent issues.

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