Villa Noise: Spaceman Benteke and Rocketman Carew
Paul Brown chats about quirky items of life in B6.
8th Mar 2013
Villa Noise: Spaceman Benteke and Rocketman Carew

John Carew has finally admitted he was in a strip club the night before the big UEFA Cup clash with Ajax.

Carew previously suggested he was in a pub next to Birmingham's Rocket Club.

But on Goals on Sunday on Sky Sports he revealed he was fined for a late-night jaunt to the gentleman's club in the city centre.

However, he remained adamant he was injured at the time and not in the frame to play against the Dutch giants the following evening.

He said: "I had a great time with Martin O'Neill at Aston Villa. He feels the energy and the mood, the confidence of the team. He plays on that.

"He would shout one time and be really calm the next time. He always did the right thing at the right time.

"But he has a great temper. We all know that. He's up there and then down there.

"He fined me a couple of times. Everyone knows about the one occasion. There was one strip club situation.

"But I wasn't going to play the next day. I knew that.

"It was just the circumstances. That made it difficult. He had to give me a fine.

"I was not going to a strip club the day before the game in that way. I knew I wasn't going to play.

"He knew it too. I wasn't in the squad beforehand. It wasn't that I was in the squad and then got dropped because of the strip club incident."

Carew also spoke affectionately about his time in claret and blue alongside Stan Petrov.

Villa's former No.10 spoke of Petrov's strength of character and how the "love" from everyone at Villa will help him through his fight against illness.

He added: "It was great. He was one of my best friends from the very first day, actually. We really connected as friends and we played great football together aswell.

"There are certain players who find you a bit easier than other ones on the pitch. Stan was one of them.

"Obviously it's sad what happened. I talk to him every second week. He is strong.

"He is doing well. He is a very strong character. If someone is going to beat this, he's the guy. I am sure he will.

"He is an extremely positive person. All the love and good energy will help him through this.

"The fan tribute in the 19th minute is tremendous. He is loved and the fans are amazing. Everyone is supporting him. Everyone is behind him. He will get through this."


Match magazine is our favourite publication at present - after its 'relegation crunch' prediction of 2-1 to Villa against Reading this weekend.

They said: "Reading have a decent home record and Villa don't travel well.

"But Paul Lambert's side have more class up front.

"That will make the difference, with Christian Benteke bagging the winner."

They picked out Benteke as the key man, adding: "The giant striker destroys defenders with his raw power and is unbeatable in the air."

Christian Benteke is renowned around the football globe after his brilliant performances this season - and seemingly further afield too.

Two football fans - on hand for Lynx - dressed up as astronauts in the Trinity Road Stand at the Villa v Man City clash before unveiling a banner, saying 'Benteke is out of this world.'

It was quite a sight - especially when the pair stood up in the 19th minute to applaud Stan Petrov!

The advertising astronauts have been promoting The Lynx Space Academy - which will see 22 lucky people, including one Brit - launched into orbit.

They have been spotted on the London Underground, Buckingham Palace and now Villa Park.








AVTV gets good audience figures for their pre-match show - but they accidentally had an extra 100 listeners this week.

Filming links outside the William McGregor statue, Jack Woodward's radio microphone was beamed into a conference meeting being held in the 1874 Lounge by West Midlands NHS.

So instead of finding out about best practice in the medical professional, learned industry leaders were learning out about the origins behind the formation of Villa in 1874.

Not a bad way to spend your Wednesday afternoon!


Really interesting to find out that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - creator of fictional detective sleuth Sherlock Holmes - spent three years in Aston as part of his medical degree.

Usually our 'From the Archives' features are festooned with facts - much like the cases of Holmes - but we took a leap into the fantastical this week in suggesting that Conan Doyle could have been a Villa fan.

He lived a stone's throw from their Perry Barr ground and he will have been acquainted with the club's Scottish dignitaries like William McGregor and Archie Hunter.

Unfortunately, information around that time is very limited when it comes to Conan Doyle and Villa but it's not too much of a step to think he could have been of claret and blue persuasion.

If not, the game was most certainly afoot!


Justin Bieber has been in the news all week, with his huge 'Believe' tour taking in Birmingham, Nottingham and London.

While the press had a field day with his on-stage tardiness, we came across a tale of more intrinsic value to those of claret and blue appetite.

We discovered, via social media site Twitter, that songwriter and best pal Ryan Butler is a Villa fan.

Canadian Butler, who travels the globe as part of Bieber's entourage, was brought up to support the club by his Bloxwich-born dad Martin.

He told Twitter followers that he would be wearing his vintage Villa top at the LG Arena and hoped to see other Villa fans doing the same.

We tracked Ryan down and he was thrilled to appear on discussing his support.

His favourite players are Gabby Agbonlahor and Christian Benteke and he's promised to get the exhaustingly-busy Bieber into Villa soon.

Our tweet, promoting the story of his support, was retweeted by the man himself - and then by 'Beliebers' - the nickname for Bieber's fanatical fans - all over the world.

Butler is pictured above with Stan Collymore at Bodymoor Heath in 1998.


Here's our latest caption competition.

Can you come up with an amusing one for the picture above?

Please email us with your suggestion at

We are undertaking a mammoth search for any Aston Villa references in literature - poems, books and songs.

All legitimate entries will be put into a draw and the one picked out will have their name in the next Jack Reacher book by Lee Child, an avid Villa fan.

We've had a plethora of people emailing in and some from non-literary works - but equally enthralling.

We didn't realise that Aston Villa appear in the film Hannibal with Anthony Hopkins.

In one scene in a police station, Villa are seen playing on the TV in the background.

Also, it was news to us that footage from Villa's 1980-81 championship team is seen in the music video to Bob Marley's smash-hit One Love.

It's true that you learn something every day!

If you have any literary references, email

AVFCFilmFriday this week features the movies of Julia Roberts.

Find the best answers below.







Andy Marshall's playful dig at Brad Guzan's fashion sense backfired on him this week.

Mischievous Marshall couldn't resist chipping in on a Twitter Q&A that his fellow goalkeeper Guzan was conducting through the social media platform.

Unfortunately for the veteran stopper, Shay Given was on hand to make it known who the real fashion victim is in the Bodymoor Heath goalkeeping department.




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