Blog: Deal us in for exciting future with poker-faced Lambert
Paul Brown on Paul Lambert ethos.
17th Dec 2012
Blog: Deal us in for exciting future with poker-faced Lambert

It's appropriate that we're sponsored by Genting Casinos because boss Paul Lambert has one of the best poker faces in the business.

His post-match expression was exactly the same following the win at Liverpool as after the loss to Man Utd.

When asked about relegation concerns in the aftermath of the late 3-2 defeat to the Red Devils which sent Villa into the bottom three, Lambert calmly shook his head and said he was happy with the progress his side were making. He quashed dropout suggestions succinctly.

And following the brilliant, mesmerising, enthralling win against the Reds which sent Villa up to the calmer waters of 14th, he was asked about the team going on to bigger and better things.

Again, he kept the same matchday manner as he talked of staying humble in the midst of the breathtaking display.

The only slight letting-down of his guard was the five second gap between the end of the interviewer's question and the start of his own answer.

You could tell he was proud of his team's display, with Christian Benteke and Andreas Weimann in electric form, but he calmed himself before urging caution at overinflated hopes this term.

"Listen, we will keep our feet on the ground and keep on going," said Lambert.

He even joked with the media about his stern demeanour.

"You're quite low-key with us," said one press reporter. "I'm pretty much the same with the players really," replied Lambert.

But don't for one minute think that this subdued exterior is based on a dourness of ambition. It's the opposite!

He doesn't want to dwell on a win. He wants to refocus his own mind and that of the team as they go in search of another three point haul.

"As soon as the game is finished the good feeling of a win is gone. It maybe lasts an hour at most. I let it go as quickly as I can. I never dwell on it.

"I'm always positive, when we win games or lose them. But I try not to dwell on them. I think it's important that you let it go and move on to the next game as quickly as you can.

"You always think about the next match as soon as it's on you.

"Even when I win a game, there is no time to dwell on it. Once you start to dwell on things, it can eat away."

Fans are glorying in the wonder win at Liverpool, no doubt, with phenomenal website hits for rerun highlights of the game.

But don't expect Lambert to join in the high-energy hullabaloo of the ace Anfield win.

He'll already have his sights firmly set on Chelsea this weekend.

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