Bodymoor Blog: Guzan on Stoke, Norwich and Herd mischief
Brad Guzan looks ahead.
4th Dec 2012
Bodymoor Blog: Guzan on Stoke, Norwich and Herd mischief

First off, I'd like to make it clear I am a grown man. I am not into childish games, like one member of our first team squad!

Just a couple of weeks ago, on coming in from training, I was greeted by a 'Brad Guzan Figure' on the floor of the first team dressing room - basically created from my clothes, my goalkeeping gloves and a cut-out of my face.

Then, Chris Herd felt it was necessary to post a picture of it on Twitter.

Obviously I have to accept that. Herdy denies it was him who actually created the 'Brad Guzan Figure'. He says it was already there when he came back from the physio room.

There are a few whispers flying around about who it was. I think Baz alluded to the culprit in a previous Bodymoor Blog.

I will keep my own counsel on it for the moment. But I am sure in good time Herdy will have it coming back to him big-time!

Joking aside, I think this incident shows perfectly the harmony in the dressing room. It shows what a great team spirit we have.

The relationships off the pitch have a big bearing to what you do on the pitch. The tighter you are in the dressing room, the tighter you perform out there on the field.

The guys really get on well here. The laughter when we saw all the clothes on the floor of the dressing room was brilliant. It was a hilarious moment.

We're all in this together and our relationships off the pitch are tight.

We enjoy each other's company - we regularly go for meals together, we play cards, we play FIFA together. That's important.

We have that chemistry as a group which I think will serve us well now and in the future too.


On to matters on the pitch and reflecting on the Loftus Road match, I thought we picked up a good point.

Whenever you manage to get a point on the road it's good.

If you're not going to win the match, it's important that you don't lose it.

We did that, so it was good.

They had the Harry Redknapp factor too. Any time a team gets a new boss it gives them a big lift and a big spark.

But, at the end of the day, we dealt with that well and it was a good point.

I'm told I'm winning the man-of-the-match vote at the moment on the official website.

I am pleased with that. I thought it was a good defensive display overall and I was happy to do my bit towards it.

But it certainly wasn't just me. I thought the defence were outstanding.

There was a moment towards the end of the game where Nathan or Ciaran threw themselves across to block a shot. That sums it up.

These guys will put their bodies on their line any time in the 90 minutes to get a result. That's what you get. We have real desire to help each other.

We work so hard day-in and day-out and we have real dedication to do well for the club and for each other. That was shown on Saturday at Loftus Road.

Next up is Stoke at home. 

It's going to be tough, one of the toughest games on the calendar in my opinion.

Stoke are known for being quite physical. They put you under pressure and you have to deal with it. You have to find ways to cope with it.

We know it's going to be a difficult game but we have to be strong and try to get the result.

From my perspective, as a goalkeeper, this approach doesn't affect my thinking.

You have to read situations as they happen on the pitch. You have to be on your toes. You have to be able to react.

There might be more emphasis in this game on balls into the box or balls over the top but at the end of the day you have to take each moment as it comes.

You can't just say to yourself 'right I'm going to go for everything!' You have to judge each moment. You go from there. You can't get ahead of yourself.

You have to be switched on for 90 minutes. But that's the case with every game.

The ball can go from one box to the other with two or three passes and create a scoring chance so you have to be prepared for that.

For me I am constantly switched on. The mental focus is just as important as the physical focus.

After the Stoke game, it's Norwich in the quarters of the Capital One Cup.

It offers us good chance for us to get closer to a final.

Having been to Wembley before, it's an exciting thing. And you always want to go back.

For some guys who maybe haven't done that, it's something to aim for.

We want to capitalise on the opportunity that's been presented to us. We'll be right up for it, massively. We will look to get a result, plain and simple.

We know the atmosphere is going to be buzzing because of the stage of the competition we're at. But they're the games you want to be a part of. You want to play in these exciting matches.

You know there'll be a right good atmosphere at Carrow Road. We will be for it.


I'd like to say congratulations to Christian Benteke and Ashley Westwood on jointly winning player of the month for November.

They have both been fantastic.

Christian has been magnificent. He is such a presence, not just in holding the ball up but also in bringing others into the game.

Ashley has come in and you'd think he's played Premier League football for years. His passing ability, his sense, his decision-making, they are all exemplary.

He can get stuck in and break up play too. That sometimes doesn't get noticed by pundits but we certainly notice it in the team. He brings so much.

Long may their fine form continue.

I think the two lads epitomise what the manager is trying to do here - bringing in young, hungry players who have a desire to excel for this club.

Fair play to the gaffer who has clearly done an awful lot of work in the recruitment side to spot these guys and bring them to the club.

When you have a boss and a coaching staff who bring hungry lads in like that, it creates a positivity and excitement for the guys already at the club.

The competition that comes from these signings makes for a top football club.

Finally, I'd like to close this blog by revealing that this morning I beat down Gabby Agbonlahor in the gym with the weights.

He was just tossed around in the gym, plain and simple!

Thank you!

Snap up your tickets and back the boys against Stoke.

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