Bodymoor Blog: Albrighton on Man Utd, 'idol' Gabby and Lichaj's tache
Marc Albrighton gives his take from the training ground.
8th Nov 2012
Bodymoor Blog: Albrighton on Man Utd, 'idol' Gabby and Lichaj's tache

By Marc Albrighton

It's nice to be first up in this new feature on - Bodymoor Blog.

I know the lads are going to take it in turns to chat about life at the training ground so it's a pleasure to kick-off with the opener as it were.

Well, the first thing on the agenda is Manchester United this Saturday.

I know Manchester City have really come into their own these past few seasons, strengthening their squad with some world-class players and winning the Barclays Premier League.

They are undoubtedly a real force to be reckoned with. But, for me, Manchester United is still the big game on the Villa Park calendar.

There's always a special atmosphere here when that match comes along.

United are the most successful team in the Premier League years, full-stop - they have won the League Championship countless times and the Champions League twice so it's always a great occasion to play against them.

In my era they have been the team to beat, they have had the likes of Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Roy Keane.

There's a special atmosphere here for that game. It's different. I can't explain it. There's something in the air.

Our stadium is packed to the rafters with expectant home supporters and the Man Utd fans always fill their allocation too. The place is buzzing.

It's always good to get out there. I always think Manchester United and the derbies are the games you look out for at the start of the season.I love playing against Manchester United.


We came so close in 2010 - agonisingly close in fact!

I know we didn't win the game but I thought it was a good result considering the youthful side we put out on the day. And it's a match I will never, ever forget because of "that goal"

I scored at the Holte End! It was some moment. It was my first goal at the Holte End. It put us 2-0 up. It was against Manchester United. The whole place erupted.

My family and friends were here. It was so special. It was total elation. The feeling inside me was incredible.

We had about 15 minutes left and I felt it was the winning goal - the cherry on top of the cake.

At that moment I didn't know what to think. It was utter jubilation. It is definitely the greatest moment of my career so far.

My mum was in tears when the goal went in! She didn't tell me. My mate was sitting next to her and he caught her crying! It was a proud moment for her.


I know there's an intense rivalry between Villa and Man Utd. It probably comes second to Blues!

I'm obviously a huge Villa fan but I must admit that Ryan Giggs was my idol growing up as a kid.

What an unbelievable footballer and an incredible professional.

To have been at the top of his profession for the length of time he has says it all really.

He has everything - work-rate, ability, confidence - everything about him is positive. He is so creative going forward but he works ever so hard going the other way too, he tracks back throughout each game.

Even now, he's adapted to other positions. He's done it without any problems. That shows he's got a real intelligence out there.

He understands the game through and through. He has a brilliant football brain.

He's won so many trophies. It's phenomenal.


Ryan Giggs will go down as a United legend - and I think our very own Gabby Agbonlahor will achieve the same status here at Villa.

Gabby is just a fantastic striker. I always think he's a threat and someone that the opposition would be thinking about in the run-up to a game.

And look at his performance at Sunderland! He was absolutely fantastic!

Every time he got the ball he looked to get at their defence. He got the full-back booked early on and then he was on egg-shells for the rest of the game.

He's looking sharp. I think he's just a brilliant forward. I think injuries have worked against him these past few seasons. You need a run of games. You need three, four, five, six games as a striker to get that sharpness. When he gets games, he looks frightening.

He has everything too. He's the complete striker really.

He's strong. He's lightning fast. He can finish. He's great on the deck with the ball at his feet. He's superb in the air. He has all the attributes.

Whatever he needs in a particular game, he has ready to use, whether that be speed, strength, whatever.

I've got no doubt Gabby will go down as a Villa icon.

He's been here a long time. He supports the club and he's scored his fair share of goals, not least in the derbies against Blues! That's enough to give you hero-status!

He's the longest-serving player and I'm sure young fans really look up to him as their idol.


Finally, I've got to talk about Eric Lichaj and his daring, dashing Movember challenge!

All I can say positive about that moustache is the fact he's doing it for a good cause! It's for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research so fair play to him.

But I know his baby is due this month. That means he's going to have a handlebar moustache on all the newborn baby photos. Now that's brave!

I know my missus would not be happy with that at all! I know his too and I can't see her being too impressed either!

But it's for a great cause. Fair play to him!

It's quite tame at the moment. But when it gets bushy and he's got little bits of food in there? That's when his problems will start! The stick will fly in then!

Make sure you're here to roar on the lads against Manchester United.


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