Blog: Patience needed as Lambert aims to turn things around
Paul Brown on Paul Lambert's rebuilding job.
24th Sep 2012
Blog: Patience needed as Lambert aims to turn things around

Rome wasn't built in a day. And it's fair to say that Villa won't be rebuilt in speedy fashion either.

Patience is the watchword of Paul Lambert's brave new era as the gaffer looks to produce a side capable of competing in the upper echelons of the Barclays Premier League.

But it will take time. There's no quick-fix.

Lambert has opted for a youthful approach as he aims to push Villa forward to new glories.

And with that fresh influx comes a need for time to bed in.

Lambert has every faith in Christian Benteke, Ashley Westwood, Joe Bennett, Matt Lowton and Jordan Bowery but they need our help, not our criticism, at times like these, after the frustrating 4-1 defeat at St Mary's.

Lambert said post-match that time isn't something you get as a top-flight player. Maybe not in the harsh arena itself but there's certainly a need for us, the fans, to give his new starlets our understanding when things don't go right.

Former manager John Gregory was preaching from the same gospel when he spoke of the rookie recruits on the eve of the game.

"These guys, they are just learning. Paul has been only been at Villa for about ten weeks. It takes time to change people - their habits. It will take a little time to bed in.

"I think he has brought in young players because he can still change their habits.

"It's tough when you bring in old pros, at 29, 30, to make them think differently or act differently.

"But he's brought in young and hungry players who will learn what Paul wants of them.

"There will be a few hiccups between now and Christmas but I think this group of players given time and coaching will eventually hold its own in the middle of the table this season.

"If we get in that top half, it will have been a good season.

"But Paul is still learning. He's finding out about Stephen Ireland. He's discovering what makes Darren Bent tick.

"He doesn't know - he's never worked with him before. He learns more about them every day.

"He will find the right balance, which combinations go well together. Things will be good for Villa, I'm sure, but it will just take a little time. You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs!"

There will have been some fans who went out and got smashed after the Saints loss.

But one man who's keeping an even keel is Lambert himself.

"I never get too high when we win and I never get too despondent when we lose. You just keep cracking on.

"It's important to try and keep a level head. It's a long, long season and I'm sure there will be ups and downs."

Lambert is spot on.

There should have been quiet satisfaction after the Swansea win and passing disappointment following the Southampton loss.

It's imperative that Villa fans remain grounded whether we're on a high or we're on a low.

With Lambert in charge, I'm sure there will be far more highs than lows!

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