Blog: Laursen insists board spot on with vibrant manager hunt
Martin Laursen on new boss search and Stan Petrov battle.
17th May 2012
Blog: Laursen insists board spot on with vibrant manager hunt

I have been following the goings-on at Villa with great interest over the past few days.

I read the comments of the board following the departure of Alex McLeish concerning their desire to bring in a manager to add vibrancy to the club. I wholeheartedly agree with that approach. They have that spot on, definitely.

I believe the key is to bring someone in who will get the fans right behind the club again.

We need to get someone in that has a hunger, drive and desire and who will look to play attractive football. That will get the supporters onside. That's the most important thing.

It's a magnificent football club, it really is. It is steeped in tradition and the good times will come back. I am confident of that. There's so much potential.

It's a great club with a big history and I am hoping things will happen for the better.

I loved playing for Villa. It was an honour and it will be an honour for any manager to manage the club.

I am confident Paul and Randy will get things right with the appointment. What they have said to the press in the form of statements and stories is very promising. I am not surprised because above all they are good people. They care.

Randy was always very kind and very nice to me when I played for Villa. He is a great guy. You could see that the Villa meant a lot to him. He cares deeply about the club.

He is also a very wise businessman, which is very important. He is not a chairman who just throws money at the club. He cares about the financial side of things which is vital. Look at the tough stories from other clubs over the past few years!

Villa, as a club, is still a massive, massive one and will be a very attractive proposition for managers in the game. I have no doubt about that.

I think Villa will have no problems getting a good manager in.

This season has not been good but we still have some really good players to work with. I still believe that any players we go after in the transfer window, if they can't go to Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal or Manchester City and play regular football there, Villa will be one of the top teams to play for.

Why would you not want to play in claret and blue?

I have noticed comments on the web suggesting myself as the next manager of Villa.

That is flattering but it's too soon for me, I'm afraid. It's too early for me to be a manager.

I am taking my badges here in Denmark and coaching Second Division side Søllerød-Vedbæk to get some experience. It's going well. I am enjoying it. But to manage Villa is too early.

In the future? That would be a dream for me. You don't need to ask the question. Fans know how much I love this great club.

I was devastated when I heard the news about my former team-mate Stiliyan Petrov. I was horrified when I found out.

It's incredible to think someone that fit can go down with something like this. It is unbelievable.

He played against Arsenal and two days later we read he has leukaemia. I couldn't understand that. It makes you realise that in a split second your life can change. You must enjoy life as good as you can while you have it. You never know what is round the corner.

But he will come back from this. If anyone can, it is Stiliyan. He is a fighter. He is strong mentally and I think that will help him battle the disease.

He is also an unbelievable person. He is honest, caring and he always lives life to the full. He has a wonderful family behind him too. They are lovely people.

He wants a good, long life with them. That will help him a lot. He will fight for them. He has something to fight for. That's great.

I just feel it's not fair that someone like Stiliyan can have this disease. He is so generous, a great person. Let me give you an example of that.

He has a hotel in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. Five of us stayed there a while back and, at the end of the holiday, I wanted to pay for everything. But he refused. He said 'Martin, I will take care of this, you will not be giving me money for this.' That sums him up. He is such a nice person.

As a footballer, he is magnificent. You have quantity and quality with him. He is a very good footballer, he is tactically very good and attacks well, scoring good goals but he can also take the ball off the defenders too deeper, as a defensive midfielder.

He runs up and down, he is a good leader and I can understand why he took over from me as captain.

I will always remember his first game for us against West Ham. He was unbelievable.

We were all thinking 'oh my god, what a player we have on our hands here.' He was man of the match and rightly so. What a performance.

And there have been plenty more since too. He is brilliant!

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